Senso-Rex. Gravity Blanket for Children with Hedgehog Theme. Used in Down Syndrome and ADHD Treatment, Size: 110x170 cm, Weight: 3kg. Ideal for People between 4.7" and 5.3" (140-160cm) of Height.

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  • The weighted blanket for children is extremely successful in treating child development disorders. Willingly purchased by parents of children with sensory integration disorders, psychomotor disorders (including autism, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, Tourette's syndrome, Down's syndrome) and parents of children with sleep problems and night wakening.
  • HOW DOES THE SENSORY BLANKET SENSO-REX WORK? The sensory blanket is a pretty heavy gravity blanket, which weighs influence on the body and mind of the child. Her delicate but firm pressure reaches the deep-seated receptors responsible for proprioception (sense of deep touch). Thanks to that, the child quickly mutes and relaxes. His body, as by the best massage, relaxes, and the mind clears with anxiety and negative emotions.
  • GRAVITY BLANKET IS MEDICAL DEVICE - Many scientists and researchers have dwelled on the properties of the sensory blanket. Its action has been repeatedly tested by practitioners - therapists and patients. The results of all the work led to the inclusion of weighted blankets on the list of medical devices.
  • The sensory blanket is used to cover the baby before sleep (about 20 minutes before falling asleep). This time it is enough for the body to calm down and start the night regeneration. Make sure that the blanket does not strain the child's movements and does not interfere with breathing. If the night is cool, you can cover the child with a traditional quilt, and put the weighted blanket on top. The weighted blanket should never go past the shoulders, and should never cover the head.
  • Its effectiveness in calming and sleeping the children has already been appreciated by thousands of parents. Premium weighted blanket for children SENSO-REX - Give yourself a break.

Senso-Rex. Gravity Blanket for Children with Hedgehog Theme. Used in Down Syndrome and ADHD Treatment, Size: 110x170 cm, Weight: 3kg. Ideal for People between 4.7" and 5.3" (140-160cm) of Height.

Children and falling asleep are extremely complicated sometimes
In addition, if we talk about children who are struggling with problems such as Asperger's syndrome, sensory integration disorders, autism, ADHD, etc., the problem is even more complicated. What if we could say that there is a way to have a smooth and effective sleep for every baby? And is it a weighted blanket?

Yes, a professional medical device.
The sensory blanket will provide the youngest users with what they themselves are not able to achieve at all. The special filling used in the quilt provides a number of sensations that allow the babies to relax, even having problems with hyperactivity or concentration. Children who did not want to hear about going to sleep, thanks to the properties of this weighted blanket, will gladly remind you that it is time to sleep. Blanket not only makes it easier to fall asleep but thanks to that, it allows for a long, uninterrupted, deep sleep, which again translates into the regeneration of the small organism. Proper formation of the daily rhythm makes the child is rested, willingly participate in play or rehabilitation classes. Thus a weighted blanket is a very big support in therapy, it also relieves not only the child but also his parents. The baby can be covered even in the hottest summer nights. In winter just put it on a thermal blanket to give your baby its favorite load and temperature.

Premium Materials:
The weighted blanket we offer is a perfect made from natural materials. Taking care of the youngest allergy sufferers we use only 100% cotton and fill in the form of fine (cross section 0.9-1.1mm) glass ball. Soft, pleasant to the touch, functional sensory duvet is a medical device, thanks to which we provide our child with maximum comfort of deep sleep and rested body.

Brand: Senso-Rex
EAN: 0768142459727
Size: 3 kg - 6.6 lb

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